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Learn Tips And Win Over Competitors In Pixel Gun 3D


Playing a round of Pixel Gun 3D is more like a dream for this present youth. Not just youth, but even the adults are being hooked up in this game. Being a pocket friendly mobile game, now you are able to play this round with ease, and even while on the go. Now, you might have been playing this 3D game for long, and quite acquainted with the steps. However, there are some tips and points available, which will help in enhancing your present gaming experience. Want to know how? For that, you have to turn on your research antenna!

The first thing, which you will come across is the elixir. Once you have registered your name with this game, you will get one for free. This elixir is used for getting back into life, when you are attacked and killed. For some extra elixirs, you have to visit the game store and buy some. It is always better to keep five spare elixirs, as you might need them anytime. When you have elixirs, then it will not be difficult for you to win the round and advance to the next levels. If anyone know the elixirs increasing tricks or more about pixel gun 3d hack then please comment it, and i will give it a try for sure.

Just like working out on elixir, you must get trained before facing some real life gamers. You can practice as much as you can in the primer level. This is more like a practice shooting zone, where you will get to come across some guns. Try to use all of these weapons, as this will be your basic step to learn using these weapons. These weapons and ammos are hidden anywhere in the graveyard. Therefore, you have to be smooth and fast, to get those weapons, in hand. Always remember that the more weapons you have, the better you can beat your competitors and move forward to advanced levels.

Just like procuring information in weapons, you will further get some tips on ways to jump and even collect weapons and guns. Your competitors might also be looking for those weapons. If you are flexible enough, then you will get it before they can. So be flexible, and practice your jumping and other moves in the primer level. You will be handed with tips on clearing a level effectively. When you are absolutely sure about your moves, you can reach out to the graveyard level, for some real challenges.

The most challenging mode is the survival one. Here, you will receive only one re-spawns elixir, free. It means you can start your game from the beginning, once you are dead. This elixir can prove to be a lifesaving option for you, but only when your head is gnawed by cursed mummies. If you are out of elixir, you have to start from the very beginning, no matter how far you have reached in this game. This is not just an exciting game, but will surely give a boost to your adrenaline rush. If you want to play in multiplayer mode, you can start a game of your choice, or join the one, which is about to begin. With so many choices, boredom is never an option!